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While it's a misconception that coffee and tea cause extra fluid loss from the body and are dehydrating, alcohol does have a diuretic effect and can increase the risk for dehydration. "Alcohol will pull out other fluids," Majumdar said, "but coffee and tea provide fluid and are hydrating." The healthiest way to brew your coffee -- and possibly lengthen your life Dairy or non-dairy milks can deliver important nutrients like protein, calcium and vitamin D. Even though a sugar-containing cola can technically hydrate, "for health and wellness, it's best to avoid sugar-containing beverages as much as possible," Majumdar said. These beverages are typically devoid of beneficial nutrients. An exception is 100% fruit juice; however, too much juice delivers a concentrated source of sugar — without the fiber that comes from eating the whole fruit. The institute's recommendation accounts for water-rich foods, too, like watermelon, oranges, apples, grapes, cucumbers, lettuce, celery and cabbage. The water obtained from foods, however, is difficult to measure. "From a tracking purpose, it's easier to stick with things that pour," full article Majumdar said. Since water is vital to our daily functioning, you might be wondering if there is a benefit to drinking, say, a gallon or more of water (a gallon is 128 ounces).


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